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What is life coaching?

A life coach is a Board Certified professional who helps clients achieve their personal goals; from finding your way after trauma, getting "unstuck" from negative behaviors in your relationships or with food and perhaps rediscovering "you" inside the empty house after the children are gone. Sometimes people just don't know what they want; life coaching provides them with the opportunity to explore life's crossroads.  A life coach relies on principles of positive psychology and supports clients while they build the tools to generate their own solutions. This is how everyone becomes empowered!! Empowerment is not given-- it's gained through your own work and commitment to face your life's challenges. 

What happens during a coaching session?

We begin by talking about you current situation and your visions. I ask you questions designed to encourage your insights, explore your options and challenge your assumptions. Once you have defined your goals you will move on to defining and committing to specific action steps that you need to make prior our next meeting.  We begin each session with a review of your progress and make any adjustments until you have reached your identified results.  Each coaching session is different and designed to encourage your clarity for solutions.       


JoAnne coaches all ages, from 17 to 85 years old, from various walks of life and has successfully supported their voyage to achieve their results their way. Clients who come to JoAnne are committed to their own personal growth. They are open to new perspectives and ready to invest their energy their time and their resources into achieving their desired results.

What I can help you with

Improve life satisfaction and personal growth 

Life's turning points, empty nest?  

Relationship interaction 

Stress management  

Living with chronic pain 

Coping with food dependency 

RE-discovering self after divorce 

Life after loss 

Trauma recovery   


I'm Here For You

JoAnne Cullinan 

Masters of Science Counseling


Board Certified Coach

Hello and welcome to my site and thanks for visiting, before you get to learn a bit about me, please know that I believe, from the core of my being, everyone can benefit from coaching. I know this from personal experience.

 Having that connection to one person that would listen to me, hear my dreams, my struggles, my fears no matter how silly or selfish they sounded, even to me. 

Trusting that person to always be objective, never judge me and help me to make sense of how I could move forward, that’s what I needed, that’s what I got, and that’s why I know the value of coaching. 

And that’s what I want to do with you.

Experience and Training

JoAnne has a rich history of international travel and professional experience to include teaching psychology at Middlesex Community College and teaching Counseling Psychology at Springfield College. She has been director of a program for victims of violent crimes and a program that support past offenders education and work readiness. JoAnne has worked with doctors of MGH and Brigham and Woman’s hospital in a pilot program to support patients with substance dependency. Her extensive life and professional experience enables her to be cognizant of various challenges her clients are facing and is able to address them effectively.        


Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot a dedication. But believe me when I tell you it will be worth it. My personal commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support while accomplishing lasting growth. JoAnne holds a MSCP (Masters in Science in Counseling Psychology) from Springfield College and a BS from Lesley University in Behavioral Science, and is a CCE Board Certified Coach. JoAnne keeps her knowledge current through continued study of the papers published at the Jean Baker Miller Institute at Wellesley College and continues course work with The Institute for Life Coach Training.  


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Q) When can I make an appointment for my free session?

A) Call or e-mail today, most sessions are booked within 24 hours.

Q) Is there a fee for your services?

A) Yes, and a sliding scale is available

Q) Is your services covered by insurance?

A) No

Q) Is the fee for group sessions less than for private sessions and how long are the group sessions?

A) Yes the group cost is less and the sessions are typically the same time, 60 minutes.

Q) Can I reach you in between my private sessions?

A) Yes, I am available for phone and e-mail contact to share your wins and gains and any quick updates.